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Why Acupuncture?

Why should you choose acupuncture or Chinese medicine to help with your health issue?  It's a good question and one that many in the US encounter when considering their healthcare options.

Here are just a few reasons why acupuncture might be a good choice for you:

  • You are in pain, either acute (less than 3 months) or chronic (3 months or longer).

  • You've experienced a loss in range of motion around one or more joints, either with or without pain.

  • You're trying to avoid surgery.

  • You've had surgery to correct an issue and the procedure either didn't provide the expected pain relief or you're now dealing with new pain/range of motion loss post surgery.

  • You've tried injections for pain relief and they either didn't work or didn't last very long.

  • You're experiencing depression, anxiety or PTSD with or without physical pain.

  • You have chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, neuralgia, complex regional pain syndrome or any other chronic condition that is represented by a collection of seemingly unrelated symptoms.

  • You've been to several doctors or specialists and can't get a concrete/consistent diagnosis.

  • You're in a very stressful situation or have a high degree of stress in your life.

  • You're on chemotherapy and looking for something to help you with the pain, fatigue, nausea or loss of appetite.

  • You're experiencing spasm or tremor (including restless legs at night).

  • You've recently experienced a stroke and are trying to recover motor control.

  • You're taking or have switched pharmaceuticals and are experiencing side-effects (pain, swelling, burning mouth/tongue, etc.).


Services and Fees

Session times are based on needle retention time.  In other words, how long a patient is resting with needles in place.  Session times are padded behind the scenes to handle the amount of time spent discussing and diagnosing the issue prior to treatment.

The "standard" session length for most patients is 30 minutes.  If you've never had acupuncture before, I suggest starting with a 15 minute treatment session.

15 Minute Treatment

15 minute treatment session


60 Minute Treatment

60 minute treatment session


30 Minute Treatment

30 minute treatment session


Q&A/Strategy Session

30 minute session to learn how acupuncture might help your health issue


45 Minute Treatment

45 minute treatment session



Wednesday*                   9 AM-6 PM

Thursday*                    9 AM-6 PM

Friday*                         9 AM-6 PM

Saturday*                     9 AM-6 PM

*Walk-in patients are welcome to stop by any day of the week.


1011 E St Maartens Drive

Suite A

St. Joseph, MO 64506

Tel: 913-204-1228

Fax: 844-500-6604

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