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Acupuncture Supplies
Acupuncture Supplies

If you are a veteran or you know a veteran who is experiencing pain, stress, anxiety, and/or PTSD due to their service, acupuncture can often help. Through the Community Care Network, acupuncture is provided at no cost to the veteran.  Contact the VA or my office to get the referral paperwork started.


I am not in network for either MO or KS medicaid. 


Medicare is a more complicated issue. In 2020 Medicare made a rule change to cover acupuncture for low back pain.  However, congress has to pass a law to amend the approved Medicare provider list and add licensed acupuncturists as covered providers.  They have not done this as of January 2023.  Since I'm not a recognized provider, I cannot bill for Medicare services.

If you are on Medicare or about to go on Medicare and have questions related to coverage or the sign-up process, please visit


Acupuncture is always a covered benefit on HSA, HRA and FSA plans.  Usually these plans will issue a credit card which I can process.  If you have a plan that does not issue a card,  a superbill for reimbursement purposes will be provided.

Out of Network Plans

If you have out of network acupuncture coverage on your insurance plan, a claim can be submitted. Additional information may be needed on first visit.

Worker's Comp/Auto Injury

Acupuncture can be claimed for Worker's Comp and auto injury.  

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