Jeff Rippey Acupuncture

at the Windhorse Tattoo studio

Starting Sunday, 10/19, I will be providing community style acupuncture at the Windhorse Tattoo studio from noon to 4PM.  These are walk-in appointments, no need to schedule - though you can schedule if you like using the link below.  

Community style acupuncture is semi-private and delivered in short sessions, usually 15-20 minutes.  Because the session length is short, we do not utilize any modalities besides acupuncture.  This means no TuiNa (massage), moxa, cupping, guasha (scraping), bleeding, electrical stimulation, diet therapy or lifestyle counseling (any of which might be used on a longer, private appointment).


I will have a place where we can discuss your health concern in private, but treatments will be delivered in a shared space.  I'll be using massage chairs and my usual distal needling technique (which means I'll need to be able to access knees to feet and elbows to hands - please dress appropriately). 

Sunday Walk-in Clinic

(No appointment necessary)

15 minute acupuncture session

$20 (Cash only)


Sunday                    12 PM-4PM


901 E 31st Street

Kansas City, MO, 64109

Tel: 913-204-1228

Fax: 844-500-6604

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